Poland with 328 students attending it. We are one of the biggest schoolin Przygodzice Commune The school is in the centre of the country cultural life, which is highly involved in varied actions and deeply rooted in the community of the country people. We provide our students with a broad educational offer. They can develop their interests and increase knowledge in many fields as well as find assistance in overcoming their problems.
Our school provides students with a variety of activities, which enable them to develop their hobbies and interests. The school takes a number of actions, such as an implementation and development of international projects. Our participation in this particular undertaking will promote information and experience interchange, so that the diversity of educational systems change into a source of enrichment. In addition, it will enhance cooperation between teachers, students and parents. Such actions will help to know and respect the others, break up stereotypes and recognize all the points we (Europeans) have in common, which as a result unite nations. We want to emphasize that cooperation between schools, representatives of local government authorities, as well as local organizations is our priority.
We are creative school,  seeking solutions and undertaking innovative activities. Our school discovers the individual abilities and skills, and creates conditions for the development of each child. We create a compact community, but also  we are open to cooperation with the close and further environment. We are the school that is able to create and innovate. The school that is ready to change. It makes more dynamic the behaviour of teachers and students to motivate them to succeed. The school is running  information campaign against the  violence on the internet. Moreover this subject is addressed in meetings with parents, there are several lessons for students and meetings with police officers .
Our school in Jankow Przygodzki as  a complex of the following: pre-school groups, the primary school and the lower secondary school. In two pre-school groups small children aquire social skills, playing games they learn the alphabet and numbers, they train their manual skills during arts and crafts, they sing, play games and learn about our area, its traditions and nature. As for education in the primary school, it is divided into two stages. For the first three years (Years 1-3), under the supervision of one teacher children mainly learn to read and write in Polish, they learn to count, they develop their art, music and sport skills. Also, they start to learn the first foreign language – English. During the second stage (Years 4-6), the number of subjects increases; children need to learn Polish, English, Maths, Science, History, Art, Music, Technology, IT, and PE, each subject with a different teacher. When in the lower secondary school, teenagers have even more subjects; apart from  Polish, English, Maths, Art, Music, PE, IT, History, and Technology,  they also learn German, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Studies, and Education for Safety.