The activities during the international mobility of the project “Healthy citizens for a healthy future” of the European programme “Erasmus +” were organized by the Lithuanian Team. Five teams from Spain, Poland, Italy, Turkey and Lithuania took part in the meeting. We had a great time in Vilnius.

· On Monday, June 5, the participants started the meeting with a guided walking tour of Vilnius Old Town - the oldest part of Vilnius. They had the opportunity to visit the most beautiful architectural masterpieces, including Vilnius University and the Bell Tower, St. Peter and St. Pauls` church, the Roman Catholic St. Anne’s Church and etc. Later the teams took part in a welcome ceremony organized by the students of Vilnius Tuskulenai Gymnasium. The partners enjoyed our students‘dances and songs singing and dancing all together. Afterwards, the partners presented their countries, schools and their activities.

· On Tuesday, June 6, the project participants visited Vilnius City Municipality where City Councillor held the seminar and presented educational system in Lithuania. Later the teachers and students enjoyed the trip to Kernave – the first capital of Lithuania, which revealed the old disappeared culture, civilization and the most important periods of Lithuanian history. In Kernave the participants took part in “The way of the grain“ workshop. They had an opportunity to taste home-made Lithuanian traditional dishes.

· The third work day, June 7, took place at school. The students enjoyed participating in the forum “Effective ways to prevent obesity“, which was organized by the Lithuanian students. The participants found out the most effective ways to prevent obesity which is a public health problem that has become epidemic worldwide. In the second part of the day all project partners participated in sports activities which is the best way to fight obesity. The participants had a great time participating in team sports. Finally, the partners ended the day with Project Meeting at school. Ther teachers discussed important issues regarding the implementation and development of the project activities, planned the next project activities.

· On Thursday, June 8, our participants enjoyed day trip to Anykščiai. They visited Horse Museum, Anykščiai st. Matthew’s Church, The Light of Happiness - Jonas Biliūnas memorial and grave on the hill of Liudiškiai, Puntukas Stone, the Treetop Walking Path. Afterwards, the quests took part in the workshop “Daily bread”. They had an opportunity to taste home – made Lithuanian bread.

· The fifth work day, June 9, took place in Trakai - beautiful resort town, encircled by the lakes and located 28 km from Vilnius. The partners visited the medieval gothic style castle built on a island in the middle of the lake, home for history museum. They enjoyed a boat trip on Lake Galve breaking away from the hustle and bustle of the city. While sailing, they saw the most beautiful sights of this unique spot of Lithuania: Trakai castle and Užutrakis estate. The participants had a great time while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Finally, the partners ended the project meeting with a farewell dinner.