The Spanish Week started at 9 a.m. on Monday, the 2nd of October 2017 with the receipt and welcome of our partners from Poland, Lithuania, Italy and Turkey to our college, Ave María Albolote School in Granada. We carried out a visit to our school, showing to our patners the classrooms of Childhood, Primary Education and Secondary Education, as well as, the main facilities, gymnasium, dining room, staff room and, how not, our Erasmus + corner. 

After this visit, it began the International Presentation of all the countries and participants, delivering them both the accreditations of the project and the program of activities, and, certainly, paying attention to the presentations about all the participant countries and colleges to know more about their customs and cultures. 

At midday, we went to Ave María Casa Madre School to have lunch there and to make known to our partners the beginnings of our school, as well as the history of our founder Don Andrés Manjón. 

Once the visit finished, we began, in the assembly hall, the seminar on "DEVELOPING LONG-TERM HEALTHY EATING HABITS" by Mrs. Fátima Olea Serrano, Doctor and Professor of the Department of Nutrition of the Pharmacy Faculty at Granada University. 

 Once the seminar had finished, teachers and students had free time in the city center of Granada, more precisely at Bibrrambla Square up to the dinner time and return to the hotel in Albolote. 





On Tuesday, at 9 a.m., we had an official reception at the Albolote Town Hall with the Mayor and the Culture Councilwoman. Both exposed us their encouragement and support to our Erasmus+ Project, as well as the pride they felt by the implication of our town in such an important European Project for the education and values of our pupils. 

When the visit to the Town Hall had finished, we continued with the teamwork to create the posters about the healthy breakfasts during the class breaks. Once these works finished, they were exposed to the rest of students of the school, from Childhood Education to Primary and Secondary Education. 

We had lunch at Alberto´s Gardens, a restaurant placed on the verge of the Alhambra, that offered us its pleasant terrace and tasty menus. In the afternoon, we visited the Alhambra, the most visited monument in all of Spain. 

Concluded the visit to the Alhambra, we had again free time at Granada center, dinner and return to the hotel.





On Wednesday, and thanks to the magnificent time which we enjoyed throughout the week, we could carry out the activity programmed on physical healthy activity outdoor. For this purpose, we went down to the capital of Granada´s coast, Motril, where a great quantity of aquatic activities were waiting for us, and of which all, both pupils and teachers, could enjoy during the whole day and part of the evening. Canoeing, paddle-surf and catamaran were the main activities of the day. 


In the afternoon, we moved to Salobreña, one of the most beautiful villages of Granada´s Tropical Coast, to know its streets, people and its spectacular Moorish Castle. Once the visit finished, we had dinner at the restaurant El Peñón (The Rock). 





The Thrusday of this Erasmus Week+ is dedicated to our Turkish partners. They are in charge of elaborate the main activities. 

Our Turkish partners cooked a traditional breakfast from their country for the rest of the students and teachers. They brought the required ingredients from Kilis to make it possible and it was a really pleasant experience to taste a different breakfast and we are not used to have this kind of food. 

Once we finished the breakfast, we went to the town hall facilities, in Albolote, in order to practice “THE SCHOOL SPORTS ACTIVITIES” led by the physical education Turkish teacher. 

The Granada mosque, located in San Nicolás viewpoint, was our following visit. We could enjoy the great views from that place and the people responsible’s hospitality at mosque who explained everything with real kindness. 

At the Caldero restaurant, located in the Fargue, we had a really delicious meal based on recipies from the Andalusí period. It was an unusual food but at the same time very tasted which brought us to the time of our ancestors from the twelfth century. 


We finished our day with a night visit of the Nazaríes Palaces in the Alhambra. 



After breakfast, all the teams meet to buy in our village the ingredients of the recipies that were going to be made at the Euro-minichef, activity that was going to be celebrated at the National Food Fair, located in IFAGRA, Armilla, thanks to our sponsor DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil Montes de Granada. 

It was really wonderful to see every single student cooking recipies from their countries, with remarkable skills and showing an older maturity. 

The prize of the coooking contest was won by the Lithuanian team that made a summer salad with ingredients from our region, fresh vegetables, serrano ham and avocado. 

 After this wonderful activity, we went to Nevada shopping center to have a well-deserved free time in order to recharge our batteries.  

Once we have rested enough, we started with the delivery of certificates and the good-bye party in the gym of our school. There, we can enjoyed the music played by Diego Quesada with his Spanish guitar. He is a student of Secondary education from our school. There was also a professional group of flamenco dance which made a profound impression on everybody, foreign students and teachers and, of course, Spanish people. 

Everybody finished dancing all together, saying goodbye and full of tears since a bautiful friendship had begun with this wonderful experience and so the farewell was so sad. 


The period of mobilities was closed with this activity.